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Remote, real-time monitoring and control for industry

By retrofitting existing electro-mechanical equipment with internet-connected mini-computers, Osmium provides a route to the benefits of Industry 4.0 - reducing costs, minimising downtime and extending equipment life - without the disruption and expense of replacing equipment.

We monitor usage of electricity, gas and water alongside environmental variables including atmospheric gas concentrations (such as carbon dioxode), temperature, and room occupancy.


When drives and PLCs used in manufacturing lack connectivity we retrofit Osmium alongside existing HMI screens and other control mechanisms, giving designated engineers and managers fingertip control and fine visibility of operational parameters at a fraction of the cost.


We avoid disruption by introducing a pilot Osmium edge device during a planned outage and then configuring it in the background from our premises to work with your business processes and equipment without interrupting normal operations.

Contact us to arrange a pilot implementation demonstrating what Osmium can do for your business.

Monitor and control equipment, wherever you are.

Osmium provides real-time visibility and control of equipment status and health, wherever you are.  Alert notifications and full diagnostics reporting ensure that faults can be identified immediately and addressed. Commands and maintenance tasks can be executed remotely without the need for expensive, time-consuming site visits.

Extend asset life and overcome obsolesence.

Embracing industry 4.0, Osmium brings internet connectivity to existing installations at a fraction of the cost of replacement internet-enabled models.  It works alongside existing control systems non-intrusively, enhancing monitoring capabilities with additional data capture and comprehensive reporting and extending asset life.  

Reduce site visits, reduce downtime, reduce costs. 

Remote monitoring allows operators to stay in control of equipment performance 24/7, addressing potential issues on the move, planning predictive maintenance and ultimately reducing costs.  The need for site visits is greatly reduced and downtime is minimised. 


"Osmium is transforming the way in which we can service our customers' installations. The ability to fix issues remotely is reducing the need for expensive site visits and minimising equipment downtime. Osmium is an excellent service."


"All our wind turbines are unmanned and in remote locations where getting on-site support involves considerable time and expenses. With Osmium, we can analyse and resolve issues remotely, often within 30 minutes of becoming aware of the problem."

Osmium, a service for every sector

Whatever your industry, Osmium brings remote monitoring and control to any installation that lacks internet connectivity - at a fraction of the cost of replacement internet-enabled models.  

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