About Us

Finding a solution to real-world challenges​

Osmium grew out of a partnership between wind energy specialist, Fine Energy and Aberg Design, specialists in edge computing. At Fine Energy, as both owners and service operators of wind turbines, we were acutely aware that the lack of internet capabilities in our otherwise efficient equipment was significantly hampering our ability to identify and respond to faults and effectively plan maintenance.  As a result, costly site visits were frequent and unnecessary downtime was costing us production revenue. 

Failing to find an industry solution that met our needs, we set about developing our own solution with Aberg Design.  The result is Osmium, a competitively-priced remote monitoring and control service, that has been designed with user insight and benefits from the latest in technological advances - at a fraction of the cost of internet-enabled replacement equipment. Initially deployed solely in the wind energy industry, Osmium is now being used in other sectors including food processing and hydraulic systems.  

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Osmium technology lead Ulf Aberg brings a creative background and experience in game design to the challenges of IoT. Client focussed and with a penchant for detail, Ulf is well placed to deliver technical solutions for your remote real-time monitoring and control projects.

Our Team

Graham Hygate 

Commercial lead Graham Hygate worked as a research physicist and as a management consultant before setting up the renewable energy business that led to Osmium. He is focussed on identifying customers and partners who can benefit from retrofit connectivity.

Ulf Aberg
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Jo Hughes

Jo Hughes is the marketing lead for Osmium.  Jo has held a range of roles across different industries with a strong history of working within the technology sector.  She focuses on finding technological solutions to the challenges that face today's businesses.

Partner with Us

Increasingly we are partnering with service companies who have expertise and experience in a particular market. As your partner, we can help you generate additional profitable revenues by identifying customers who would benefit from applying Osmium's retrofit internet connectivity solution to their business. 


Our current partners include:

  • Windbase Limited, specialist in maintenance of medium-scale wind turbines

  • Don Electrical Services, specialists in installation, repair and maintenance of equipment in the food processing and oil and gas sectors

  • a specialist in hydraulic filtration systems


Interested in becoming an Osmium partner? We can work with you to bring the commercial advantages of retrofit IoT to your customers, giving them remote visibility and control of their automated equipment without the expense and disruption of an upgrade.


Get in touch with us on 0121 449 4443 to find out more.